Rules 2016

Category: English Published: Tuesday, 22 November 2016 Written by Željko Pilat

Rules 2016 


Croatian CW Contest 2016 Rules 

Croatian amateur radio association (HRS) has the honor of inviting amateurs all over the world 

to take part in the 2016 Croatian CW Contest. 

Date and period: 3rd full weekend in December from 1400 UTC on Saturday until 1400 UTC 

on Sunday. In year 2016 Croatian CW Contest will be held on  17th and 18th  of December. 

Bands : 1,8/3,5/7/14/21/28 MHz. 

Mode : Only CW 

Categories : 

- single operator, all bands – High power 

- single operator, all bands – Low power (<= 100 Watts) 

- single operator, single band – High power 

- single operator, single band – Low power (<= 100 Watts) 

- single operator, all bands – QRP (<= 5 Watts) 

- multi operator, all bands, one TX 

The minimum time of operation on one band for multi op. stations is 10 minutes, though a quick 

band change in order to work a new multiplier is allowed (only one other band is allowed for 10 

minute period for multiplier station too). 


Only one transmitted signal on one band permitted during any 10-minute period (run transmitter). 

Exception: One — and only one — other transmitted signal (multiplier transmitter) may be used during 

any 10-minute period, if — and only if — it is on a different band from the run transmitter 

and the station worked is a new multiplier. The run and multiplier transmitters are governed 

by independent 10-minute rules. Ten-minute periods begin with the first QSO on a band. 

The log must indicate which transmitter (run or multiplier) made each QSO. The multiplier transmitter 

may not call CQ (solicit contacts).






All stations are allowed to use the spots from DX packet Cluster. 

Exchange : RST + serial number (starting with 001 for the first contact). 

Points : 

- 10 points contacts with 9A stations on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 6 points on 14/21/28 MHz 

- 6 points contacts with other continent on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 3 points on 14/21/28 MHz 

- 2 points contacts with own continent, including entrant's own country on 1,8/3,5/7 MHz, 1 

point on 14/21/28 MHz. 


Multipliers : DXCC countries plus WAE list on each band 1 point. 

Final score : Sum of QSO points from all bands multiplied with sum of multipliers from all 


LOGs: All stations are encouraged to send electronic logs, please send paper LOGs only if you 

make only a few QSOs. All papers LOGs will be used only as checking logs. Your LOG must be in 

Cabrillo file. Please name your file: yourcall.log. The contest programs that support this contest 

are TR4W, N1MM logger, Writelog, Win-test, AA-log contest module, EI5DI, LM log. Log 

deadline time is 8 days after the contest (26th of December 2016th,  23,59 UTC) . 

Awards: Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring station in each DXCC/WAE country 

in each category. Plaques will be awarded to the first station worldwide in section single 

operator, all bands and multi operator. Some additional plaques may be awarded to the 

continental winners and world champions in category single operator, single band, depending 

on getting sponsors for those. 

All stations that fulfill conditions for 9ACW award during the contest will get it free of charge if 

they send award application to 9A CW award manager. 

Electronic logs : 

Please put your log on contest robot on 

Web application enables contest log uploading in Cabrillo form. After that, application will show 

uploaded log again and display possible data error warnings and allow checking and/or correcting data. 


Good luck in the contest! 

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